Making our startup life easier

Blackendz is built with Blackendz

Fast data modeling


  • No development setup
  • Shortcut implementation details
  • Strong validation out-of-the box
  • No compromise on architecture

Powerful permission engine


  • Define database and API permissions at once
  • Clear UI for complex conditional permissions

Simple feature-based integrations


  • Setup integrations in seconds
  • 100% tested
  • No maintenance
  • Request monitoring

Automatic API generation & documentation


  • No more boring/repetitive code
  • REST and GraphQL out-of-the-box
  • API doc and testing with Swagger UI and GraphiQL
  • The doc is always up-to-date for your team

Crystal clear change review with frontend


  • Distinghuish breaking changes clearly
  • Release changes doc
  • Ease communication with frontend

1-clic deploy to staging or production


  • No DevOps need
  • No deployment or CI setup
  • Focus on making your applicaiton right
  • Staging and production environments

Performant out-of-the-box


  • 99% request below 50ms
  • Automatic scaling based on your need
  • No optimization effort
  • Free time to build a better service, not code

Definitively cheaper than hiring developers


  • Allocate your start-up resources wisely
  • Clear usage-based pricing
  • Volume pricing on request

Simple yet powerful

Iterate your project faster

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